Flail mower CAYMAN

Professional, heavy duty, multipurpose CAYMAN offset flail mower is intended for use in municipalities and in agriculture for very intensive work. It is used for cutting grass, bushes, branches and other crop residues up to a diameter of 6 cm *. Because of its moveable head (+90º/-65º) it is very useful for cutting material on banks and ditches and on all other uneven terrains. It is purposed for intensive work. The two-hinged floating position allows perfect terrain copying. The CAYMAN flail mower can be used for work in combination with the DOMINATOR or PROFI MEGA front flail mower. The construction of the CAYMAN flail mower allows easy entry and high flow of shreeding. "3D secure" protection system cushions the impact in the event of a collision with an obstacle and move the machine in a controlled manner in the 3D direction. Due to the lateral belt drive and the multiplier on the outside of the flail mower housing, we have an exceptional lateral displacement. The arrangement of the working bodies (hammers) is in a double spiral, which saves energy consumption by up to 24% and puts less strain on the vital parts of the machine.

ModelKW/HPKW/HPMin weight
of tractor
min [cm]min [cm]working/total widthworking/total widthRPMRPMHammerHammerY-BladeY-BladeWeight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]

Standard equipment

  • Patented double spiral rotor with 45º distribution of working blades
  • Flail mower made of certified STRENX material
  • 1 row of counter blades from HARDOX
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with free-wheel clutch
  • Three-point hitch on tractors II. in III. categories
  • Hydraulic horizontal displacement
  • Hydraulic vertical rotation at an angle of + 90º / - 65º
  • Interchangeable safety sled
  • Metal flaps on the front
  • Rubber guard on the back
  • Lock in transport position
  • The center of gravity in the transport position is close to the center of the tractor
  • Two-hinged floating position of the mulcher
  • Height adjusted self cleaning support roller with closed double bearing system
  • Internal double bearing of the support roller
  • Safety "3D Safety" mechanism - hydraulic shock absorber
  • Reinforced mulcher frame
  • Forged and hardened innovative INO hammers

Optional equipment

  • INO Vibration Control Opti (system for on-line supervision of vibrations)
  • RECEIVER, smart on-line receiver of vibrations, optimised for Opti sensor
  • Floating system with hydropneumatic accumulator - floatation system
  • Working tools: Y- blades
  • Double skin - replaceable
  • Double skin - HARDOX - replaceable
  • Interchangeable safety sled - HARDOX
  • Chain guard on the front
  • P. T. O. Shaft
  • Additional row of counter blades from HARDOX - replaceable