Flail mower MS, MS HEMP

Flail mower MS is designed for use in agriculture for shredding straw of wheat, barley, soya and also hemp stalks. Quality shredding is reached by flat blades and counter blades which fit closely to each other. Deflectors take care for uniform discharge of shredding material.

Flail mower MS HEMP with invovative system of mulching succesful cut also tough long fibers. Specially designed rotorshaft with double spiral distribution of blades prevents and disables wrapping of hemp fibers around it.
Leaflet MS HEMP

Benefits of Hemp for Mulch:
Hemp is fabulous mulch, absorbing 4-5 times it’s weight in moisture, and retaining it longer than other mulching materials. Favourable to microorganisms and biota such as earthworms. Surface of mulch remains generally dry so is less receptive to weed growth or evaporative water loss and frost damage. Superior insulating properties protecting the soil in hot summer or cold winter periods. Once wetted, fibres will progressively bind due to lignin and pectin content. This means the product is less prone to wind blowing once laid. Fully degradable and adds humus to soils. pH neutral.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking/total widthworking/total widthRPMRPMŠtevilo nozev 1Število nozev 2Weight [kg]Weight [kg]
MS 17035-45/50-60170/1905406465443
MS HEMP 170 55-95/75-130170/19010006465490*

Standard equipment

  • Gearbox 540 rpm with overrunning clutch on MS 170
  • Gearbox 1000 rpm with overrunning clutch on MS HEMP
  • Unique patented rotor shaft with double spiral distribution of working tools
  • Adjustable support wheels
  • 3-point linkage I and II cat.
  • Deflectors (only model MS)
  • Floating
  • Working blades: flat blades and counter blades

Optional equipment

  • INO Vibration control
  • VERSION for mulching hemp stalks (MS HEMP)
  • PTO Shaft