Flail mower FORST 360

Forest mower FORST 360 is purposed for shredding trees, bushes, scrubs, branches and trunks up to 20 cm in diameter (up to 25 cm in diameter with the use of wolfram carbide hammers). It is equipped with rigid rotor shaft and 360°swinging hammers, changeable counter blades and with hydraulic rear gate. In the case of mulching higher trees we recommend to use the adjusted pushing bar to prevent against falling the trees on the tractor cabin.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking/total widthworking/total widthRPMRPMHammerHammerWeight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]
18060-85 / 80-110180/2121000281210 (1296*)25
22590-110 / 120-150223/2551000361410 (1505*)25

Standard equipment

  • Rigid gearbox 1000 rpm with free wheeling clutch
  • Rigid rotor shaft with 360°swinging hammers
  • Rigid bearings on the rotor shaft
  • Double skin
  • Rigid hammers
  • Double skin, inner part from HARDOX metal
  • Hydraulic rear gate
  • Changeable counter blades
  • Changeable, height adjusted HARDOX skids
  • Double safety chain line on the front
  • Rigid 3-point hitch CAT. II

Optional equipment

  • * Adjustable pushing bar (roll bar)
  • Chain guard on the rear gate
  • INO Vibration Control Opti (system for on-line supervision of vibrations)
  • Reversible gearbox 1000 rpm with free wheeling clutch for left and right direction of rotation
  • Hammer with wolfram carbide blade
  • Hour counter
  • Additional double chain guard on the front
  • PTO shaft with shear bolt
  • PTO shaft with friction and overrunning protection