Universal telescopic bracket EXTENDER

Universal telescopic bracket EXTENDER - NEW!

Telescopic universal bracket EXTENDER for mounting various INO working attachments for precise processing in viticulture, fruit growing and utilities.
It enables the attachment of the ecological cleaner "WEEDER" as well as hydraulic rotary mowers BD, BDL, with which will shred the remains of thicker vegetation in permanent plantations and promote the organic production of agricultural products. It is distinguished by its simplicity and modularity. It can be connected in front of or behind the tractor, for working on the right or left side. The combination of two connected units enables simultaneous operation on both sides.
ModelRow widthworking widthworking width[cm][cm]Weight [kg]Weight [kg]
EXTENDERmin 200 cm155 (145*) cm - 210 cm1-2 cm*
EXTENDER TWIN200 cm - 300 cm155 (145*) cm - 300 cm1-2 cm*

Standard equipment

  • Modular base mount
  • Telescopic arm
  • 3-point linkage, 1N and I. and II. category
  • Combined coupling (before or after the power unit)
  • Adapter for connecting a hedge trimmer or universal cam hydraulic mower BD or BDL (left)

Optional equipment

  • Support wheel, height adjustable on one side
  • Support wheels adjustable in height on both sides
  • Hydraulic telescope movement
  • Weeder - cultivator with rubber bands
  • BD drive from tractor hydraulics
  • BDL (left) drive from tractor hydraulics
  • Additional unit - enables work from both sides (EXTENDER TWIN)