Rotary mower VINALIA - NEW!

The VINALIA mulcher is a professional rotary mulcher for mowing grass in vineyards, orchards, parks, sports fields,...
Due to the possibility of variable mulching width and retractable side discs, it is ideal for mulching green mass in intensive plantations.
Side discs allow us to shred grass around fruit trees and vines. To move away from the fruit trees and vines, a sensor is used that activates the hydraulic cylinder via electromagnetic hydraulic valves.
With the combined use of a mulcher and cam rotary mower, we save time and at the same time do not pollute the environment.
Gentle Cut precise hydraulic regulation of side discs is also suitable for young plantations, thin trees.
The innovative Gentle Cut electric regulator is recommended for fast, precise and gentle mulching around plants in young orchards, berry (blueberry) plantations and everywhere where there is less distance between plants.
Gentle Cut - advantages:
- withdrawal of young plants
- smooth operation of the side disk
- easy to use
- additional settings depending on the sensitivity of the plant
- faster responsiveness of the appropriate movement
- transport folding
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking widthworking widthŠtevilo nozev 1Weight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]
VINALIA 16037-53 / 50-70200-24010380*2-3*
VINALIA 18045-60 / 60-80220-26010410*2-3*

Standard equipment

  • Cassiopeia arrangement of 5 rotary knives
  • Reinforced mulcher frame
  • Offset side disc with copying plate
  • Reinforced side disc
  • Controlled tilting lateral disc - copying the slope of the terrain, swimming
  • Directional ejection of the chipped mass
  • One pair of hydraulic connections (minimum flow rate 25 L/min)
  • 3-pole 12V plug for electrical regulation "Gentle Cut"
  • Gearbox 540 rpm, with freewheel clutch
  • Gearbox compatible for reversible tractors
  • Reversible connection cat. I. and II. (connection from the back or front of the tractor)
  • Copier roller (wheel) in front
  • Copy rollers adjustable in height
  • Rear support roller
  • Height-adjustable support roller

Optional equipment

  • Cardan shaft
  • Gearbox1000 rpm with double output
  • "Gentle Cut" precision regulation of hydraulically movable side discs, controlled by one pair of hydr. connection (minimum flow 25 L/min)
  • Gentle Cut precise hydraulic regulation of the side discs with the possibility of counting the hardness of the resistance of the probe
  • Holder for WEEDER