Flail mower ELITE OPEN

Flail mower ELITE OPEN can be used on all green and agriculture areas for cutting grass, crop residues or mulching prunnings from orchards and vineyards. Thanks to its robust structure and excellent technical characteristics it perfectly shredds maize straw, oil rape and other crop residues.
It has rear gate in its standard equipment (for maintenance). Working speed and intensity of crushing can be regulated by rear gate.
Construction of flail mower is rigid, designed for intensive use and for fine finishing cut, for cutting material up to 5 cm. An energy efficient double spiral rotor reduces power consumption, enables uniform performance and assures longer lasting of the components.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking/total widthworking/total widthRPMRPMY-BladeY-BladeHammerHammerRakesRakesWeight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]
13023-30/30-40132/148540 (*1000)3216123853-5
16027-35/35-48162/177540 (*1000)4020154403-5
19034-45/45-60192/212540 (*1000)4824174773-5
22542-55/55-75227/247540 (*1000)5628215803-5

Standard equipment

  • Double spiral rotor (up to 24% energy saving)
  • Adjustable service rear gate
  • Forged and hardened innovative INO hammers
  • 3- point linkage Cat. I + II
  • Free wheel cluch in gearbox
  • Metal flaps
  • Mechanical offsetting
  • Robust sliding tubes for offset
  • Height adjustable support roller
  • Replaceable protection side skids
  • Floating

Optional equipment