Flail mower EURO MINI

Flail mower EURO MINI is a professional machine for green agriculture and public areas. It is ideal for cutting grass and bushes on abandoned, uncultivated and other green areas, cutting material up to 4 cm in diameter. According to its technical characteristics it is suitable for smaller tractors (Kubota, Iseki, AGT, Carraro, Holder and so on). Its light weight allows simple running and low power requirement. EURO MINI is equipped with hammers in standard equipment, or with Y-blades as an option. Rear discharge is behind the rear roller, protected with rubber guard. Mechanical offsetting is in standard equipment, while a hydraulic offsetting is optional. Special 3-point hitch with movable bracket on the top allows combi - front or rear mounting with simple change of the position. An energy efficeint double spiral rotor reduces power consumption, eanbles uniform preformance and assures longer lasting of the components.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking/total widthworking/total widthSkupna širinaRPMRPMHammerHammerY-BladeY-BladeŠtevilo nozev 2Weight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]
13018-27/25-37129/147147540 (*1000)1836182983
15022-30/30-40145/163163540 (*1000)2040203483
18525-33/35-45184/203203540 (*1000)2652263843

Standard equipment

  • Double spiral rotor with 45° distribution of working blades
  • Gearbox with double crown and free wheel for any direction of rotation (for any direction of PTO shaft rotation)
  • Combi 3-point hitch (front or rear) I cat.
  • Automatic belt tensioner
  • Mechanical offsetting
  • Skids
  • Metal flaps
  • Height adjustable rear roller with closed double bearing system
  • Floating
  • Forged Hammers

Optional equipment

  • Hydraulic offsetting
  • Y-blades
  • Weeding tool 90
  • Multi purpose shackle mounted hammer
  • Double skin Hardox, changable
  • Collecting rakes
  • P. T. O. Shaft
  • Chain guard inste4ad of rubber
  • INO Vibration control