Flail mower MKM

Flail mower MKM is purposed for maintaining of overgrown areas along roads, in orchards between trees and under treetops and in agriculture for mulching crop residues and bushes. Because of its moveable head (+90º/-65º) it is very useful in cutting material on banks and ditches and on all other uneven terrains. It is purposed for intensive work. Very useful equipment on MKM is a mechanic breakaway to prevent the machine against damage when run into obstacles. For bigger areas we recommend MKM flail mower in combination with flail mower PROFI 300 or EURO 280 on the front of the tractor. In this combination it is possible to reach 5m working width in one run. An energy efficient double spiral rotor reduces power consumption, enables uniform performance and assures longer lasting of the components.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPMin weight
of tractor
min cmmin cmworking/total widthworking/total widthRPMRPMHammerHammerWeight [kg]Weight [kg]cmcm

Standard equipment

  • Double spiral rotor with 45° distribution of working blades
  • Safe mechanic breakaway
  • Gearbox 540 with overrunning clutch
  • 3-point linkage II cat.
  • Hydraulic horisontal and vertical movement +90º/-65
  • Hydraulic horisontal and vertical automatic blocade
  • Double lifting mechanism
  • Rigid linkage
  • Belt shield guard
  • Protection removable skids
  • Protection metal flaps
  • Height adjustable rear support roller
  • Floating
  • Forged and hardened innovative INO hammers

Optional equipment

  • Y- blades
  • Double skin, changable
  • P. T. O. Shaft
  • INO Vibration control