Flail mower ALPIN H

Flail mower ALPIN H, hydraulically driven, is purposed for operating on green and agriculture areas, in orchards and vineyards. Its lightweight and low power requirement allow efficient operating on single axle tractors. ALPIN H is equipped with hammers as standard, or optional with Y-blades or shackle hammers. An energy efficient double spiral rotor reduces power consumption, enables uniform performance and assures longer lasting of the components. Its frame is from STRENX, an extra high strength metal that assures long lasting, high quality and lower weight of the machine.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking/total widthworking/total widthOilHammerHammerY-BladeY-BladeWeight [kg]Weight [kg]cmcm
13013-16/18-22 129/14722-25L/min; 160-180 bar 18361672-3
15015-20/21-27 145/16122-25L/min; 160-180 bar 20401912-3

Standard equipment

  • Double spiral rotor with 45° distribution of working tools
  • Adjusted 3-point hitch on request
  • Replacable skids
  • Rubber guard on the front and at the back
  • Height adjusted rear roller
  • Hammers

Optional equipment

  • Y-blades
  • Oil flow regulator
  • Multi purpose shackle mounted hammer
  • INO Vibration control