Flail mower ROBO GRASS

The ROBO GRASS mulcher is a professional machine for maintaining green areas on communal and agricultural areas. It is intended for connection to machines that enable hydro drive. It is ideal for mulching grass and bushes on cultivated and uncultivated surfaces, as it can be used to crush branches up to 5 cm in diameter.
With its excellent technical properties, it is most suitable for power units on tracks (IRUS, McConnel, etc.). The robust construction enables professional work and mulching on heavily overgrown terrain.
The arrangement of the working bodies (hammers) is in a double spiral, which saves energy consumption by up to 24% and puts less strain on the vital parts of the mulcher.
ModelOilworking/total widthworking/total widthHammerHammerY-BladeY-BladeWeight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]
ROBO GRASS 130 * L/min; max 350 bar132/14816323143-5
ROBO GRASS 160* L/min; max 350 bar162/17820403403-5
ROBO GRASS 190* L/min; max 350 bar192/21224483753-5

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic drive (one pair of hydraulic connections)
  • Distribution of working bodies on the rotor in a double spiral 45 degrees
  • Changeable skids
  • Metal flaps
  • Support roller adjustable in height
  • Working bodies: hardened hammers

Optional equipment

  • Special mounting bracket
  • INO vibration control (sensor for vibration control)
  • Shield guard left - belt shield protection
  • Guard right - skids protection
  • Double skin; replaceable inner frame
  • Rear roller with double inner bearings
  • Changable skids from HARDOX
  • Chains instead of metal protective flaps
  • Working bodies - Y blades