Hydraulic side mounted rotary cutter BDR, BD, BDL, Gentle cut

BDR is an excellent additional grass cutter. It cuts the grass around the tree and vine without damaging it. An unique design with support pivoting wheel ensures better cut, safety work, precise moving according to the sensor signals, height regulation, regulated rear discharge and better following to uneven ground. Its moving around the trees and vines is controlled by a sensor. With the use of flail mower and hydraulic side mounted rotary cutter together, we avoid using herbicides and double work, that means less costs and time spent. Together with that we take care healthier environment.
We have two models available:
• BDR that can be mounted on flail mower ELITE L or ELITE or ELITE OPEN together with complet hydraulic system (oil container and pumps) or
• BD, BDL (left) which uses oil from the tractor hydraulic system.
Model BD can be mounted on several agriculture machines (flail mowers, rotary tillers…). For proper work of BD model, tractor must suit some conditions described below.

As a VERSION: controled with advanced electro control "Gentle Cut" (for precise mowing between thin / young stalks), with adjustable height sensor.

Requirements for tractor hydraulic system for use of BD side mower:
• Oil flow 28-35l/min (on pump for external devices!)
• Oil pressure 160-200 bar
• Oil cooler on tractor
• Hydraulic connection with pressure-free return line
Modelworking widthworking widthSkupna širinaDoseg izven mulčarja (cm)Tip oljaHopper volume [L]Y-BladeY-BladeWeight [kg]Weight [kg][cm][cm]
BDR 60545843HD 465222322
BDR 60 Gentle Cut545843HD 465222322
BD 60545843//2832
BDL 60545843//2832
BD 60 Gentle Cut545843//2832
BDR 80757860HD 4680*22522
BDR 80 Gentle Cut757860HD 4680*22522
BD 80757860//21032
BDL 80757860//21032
BD 80 Gentle Cut757860//21032

Standard equipment

  • Pivoting, height adjustable wheel
  • Rope for manual activating*
  • Transport safety blocade
  • Rear discharge
  • Oil container (for BDR only)
  • Speed regulator for offsetting

Optional equipment

  • Option with two discs (BDR and BDL-left)- minimal oil flow 45 l/min, double oil pump on the tractor
  • VERSION: controled with advanced electro control "Gentle Cut" (for precise mowing between thin / young stalks)