Seeding drill Aeromat DT

AEROMAT DT is a precision pneumatic seeding drill of unique design, operating on the basis of the overpressure, for sowing maize, sunflower, cotton, pumpkins. Precision seeding is controlled by a special modified seed wheel, driven by a central drive via pneumatic-tyred drive wheels. Gear box offers 70 different plant spacings.

Seeding unit AEROMAT DT

Seeding unit DT is purposed for seeding maize, sunflower, pumpkin or cotton at minimum tillage.
A sharp front bubble disc (6), cuts crop residues and makes ribbed groove in different types of soil.
Double disc (7) additionally opens the soil. Side rubber wheels (8) copy the terrain to assure an uniform depth of the sowing also in the case of clods, stons and similar on the seeding area (5). The discs are pressed by the weight of the frame over the springs on the prallelogram (9) for constant seeding depth over the whole width. The seeding depth can be precisely adjusted by the bolt (10). After falling into the soil, the seed is gently pressed with a special firming unit (4). Closing wheels (11), height and width adjusted, close the furrow and assure an adequate contact between the seed and the soil.