Mulcsozók SPYDER

Mulcsozók SPYDER
Professional range with central rotation of the arm 100°, is ideal solution for cutting grass, shrubs, hedges or ditches clean up a.s.o. Suited for 80/160 HP tractors.
TípusokSkupna širinakW/lekW/leA traktor minimális tömege
min [cm]min [cm]min-1min-1Munka/Szállítási szélesség (cm)Munka/Szállítási szélesség (cm)Tartályméret [L]Y-késekY-késekKalapács-késekKalapács-késekTőmeg [kg]Tőmeg [kg]
SPYDER 5005 m80-1203200180540100 / 12054 HP, 180 bar1404020960
SPYDER 6006 m100-140400022054012054 HP, 180 bar22548241370
SPYDER PRO 6006 (4,9) m120-1605000220100012082 HP, 300 bar22548241500


  • Completely independent hydraulic installation
  • Mechanical protection during transport
  • Rear bumper with transport LED lights
  • Move the arm back by 100°
  • Oil cooler (exchanger)
  • Double filter: suction and return
  • Protection in the event of a collision with a battery shock absorber
  • Rotor reverse (rotation of the rotor in both directions)
  • The floating position of the first hand and the inclination of the mulcher head -
  • System FLOATING (self-adjustment of the mulcher head in relation to the terrain)
  • Removable front hand guard
  • Lower coupling in 3rd points + 2 fixed stabilizers
  • Cardan and stabilizers
  • Control: wired controls (VERSION at purchase - proportional joystick)
  • Height-adjustable support roller
  • Support roller with internal double bearing
  • Turning on the rotor via a wire command
  • Protection with chains and rubber curtains
  • Double helix rotor
  • Y working bodies on spikes, suitable for crushing branches up to 3 cm*


  • RECEIVER (unit for receiving vibration information)
  • VERSION upon purchase - proportional joystick control
  • VERSION upon purchase - electronically controlled proportional vertical float of the mulcher
  • VERSION upon purchase - Hammer on spikes, suitable for crushing branches up to 4 cm*