Vibrational subsoiler VVP

Vibrational 2-row subsoiler with pneumatic fertiliser device is purposed for subsoiling the ground and for underground fertilising in vineyards and orchards.

Vibrational 2-row subsoiler with pneumatic fertiliser device has the following functions:
•Subsoiling the ground - the ground becomes very hard after continuous crossing with the tractor
•Subsoiling the ground close to the root structure
•Increasing the aeration, permitting the filtering of the water from the surface down through the ground profile and allowing the moisture to be stored for the use during dry periods.
•Fertilising close to the root structure under the pressure 1 bar. In this way fertiliser (K, P, Mg) moves freely to the roots. When fertilising over the ground, only a few quantity is infiltrated into the ground and by the time fertiliser loses its nature. Therefore this way of fertilising is less used nowadays.
•The vibrating blades cut the ends of the roots and consequently regenerate fruit trees and vines

Subsoiler can be mounted on 3-point linkage II or III cat of the tractor. 2-vibrational legs vibrate in a vertical direction. Ventilator creates an overpressure for a quality spreading of fertiliser near the root system. Fertiliser dosing is driven over the metal wheel. A rear roller is necessary for closing and levelling the ground. With adjusting the rear roller we can regulate a depth of subsoiling. A quantity of fertiliser is set with dosing system on both sides of the fertiliser device.

With subsoiling we can assure better root system, better grow of the plants in general and better water infiltration.
ModelInterrow space [cm]Working depth [cm]Minimum tractor power [kW/HP]RPMRPMHopper volume [L]Weight [kg]Weight [kg]Air pressure [bar]
VVP 115 11520-5065/85540/630/
VVP 115 GN11520-5065/855401807800,1-0,2

Standard equipment

  • PATENTED CONCEPT of subsoiling with pneumatic fertiliser device
  • EU PATENT 19742918.6-1004
  • Two legs
  • 3-point linkage II and III cat.
  • Two Blades
  • Vibrating mechanism
  • Adjusted rear roller

Optional equipment

  • GN-fertiliser device for underground fertilising under pressure
  • Smart Flow - Electronic distribution of fertiliser with remote control
  • Packer rear roller instead of standard rear roller
  • Fertiliser tank
  • Spedometer wheel
  • P.T.O. shaft