Smart Flow

INO has developed the »INO Smart Flow« on-board computer that offers simple operation of the spreader from the tractor cab. Via this operator terminal, the shutter slides can be actuated electronically meaning that, on the headland, each aperture can be closed or opened at the press of a button. In wedge shaped fields, the driver can individually actuate either the right or left hand side. On display on the INO Smart Assist is graphically displayed whether the shutter slides are open or closed. In addition, via the terminal, the application rate can be adjusted individually on the move to either side with the corresponding aperture size being shown on the display. So, the fertiliser rate can be very easily matched to the needs of the crop on the move.

Through the terminal, the operator sets the desired amount of fertilizer spread and starts working, everything else is taken care of by the SmartFlow system. The position of the apertures of the openings is automatically adjusted according to the type of fertilizer, the speed of the tractor and on the basis of some other parameters. In the case of irregular shapes of the working surface, the operator can open or close each side of the spread separately by clicking. If desired, it can also change the desired amount of spread from -100% to + 100% during the work, depending on the needs of the soil or plants. On the graphic display, the operator monitors some other important data, such as the simulated mass of the remaining fertilizer in the hopper, the remaining area or path that can be consumed with the remaining fertilizer, driving speed, actual aperture ... INO SmartFloW offers the operator a unique correction solution parameters of the SmartCalibration fertilizer, which greatly simplifies the calibration of the fertilizer and improves the spreading accuracy even if no scale is installed on the spreader.

Standard equipment

  • Smart Assist - terminal
  • »INO Smart Flow« on-board computer

Optional equipment

  • The system is used as option on spreader FERTI-2, WINTER PK and subsoiler VVP115+GN.
  • GPS antenna
  • Magnetic wheel sensor
  • Actuator to move the wear limiter