Seeding drill Aeromat A

AEROMAT A is a precision pneumatic seeding drill of unique design, operating on the basis of the overpressure, for sowing maize, sugar beet, sunflower, pumpkins, soya bean, bean, peas, vegetable etc. Precision seeding is controlled by a special modified seed wheel, driven by a central drive via pneumatic-tyred drive wheels. Gear box offers 42 (70*) different plant spacings. Quality construction allows us precise seeding also at the working speed 14 km/h.

During operating with INO-BECKER overpressure seeding drill insecticidal dust from the seed is not released into the air. Consequently this type of seeding drill corresponds to the regulations of the Environmental Protection without any alteration.
Tip sejalniceŠt. vrstRow widthTransportna širinaWeight [kg]Weight [kg]KW/HPKW/HPRPMRPMMax working
Rezervoar za semeTip setvene baterijeGNMG
6P-F645-5030080055/755401025sladkorna pesaNEDA
12P-F1245-50600165066/905401025sladkorna pesaNEDA
18P-HZ1845-50300210088/1205401025sladkorna pesaNENE

Standard equipment

  • Transmission gear with 48 (64*) different interrow space adaptation
  • Set of seeding plates and ejectors
  • Manometer
  • Rubber support wheel
  • Disc row markers

Optional equipment

  • E-electronic INO Tronic PS 200
  • GN-fertiliser device
  • MG-microgranulator
  • Disc opener
  • Hydraulic row markers (for 4K-F and 6P-F)
  • Clutch for disconnection of seeding unit
  • Wheel track eliminator
  • Seeding plates and ejectors for other seeds
  • 40l seed container
  • 750 or 1000 rpm drive