Ino Brezice presents INO Opeartion control. Systems & components engineer's choice award.

Since the driver's workplaces of modern tractors and machines attach great importance to comfort and the avoidance of noise pollution, it is increasingly difficult for operators to detect announced defects at an early stage, which may drive up maintenance costs. The INO Operation control system supports early detection by measuring a number of parameters of the machine during work: engine speed, vibrations, temperature, GPS location and operating hours. The advantages are not only lifetime extension and predictive maintenance, but also documentation and early detection of technical problems. The system is easy to install and battery powered. It transmits the real-time data via Bluetooth to the smartphone, but also stores the data locally for analysis and as a history. This is particularly advantageous in the event of a warranty claim or for the documentation of the work carried out.

Nominees 2022 - AGRITECHNICA

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