Flail mower EURO

Flail mower EURO is a professional machine for maintaining bigger green areas in municipalities and in agriculture. It is ideal for shredding high grass and bushes on abandoned and uncultivated areas, with possibility to cut material up to 6 cm in diameter. Thanks to its robust structure and excellent technical characteristics it perfectly shredds maize straw, oil rape and other crop residues. We recommend y-blades for lighter job, while hammers are appropriate for heavy duty job. Flail mower EURO has hydraulic offset and combi mounting for rear and front position in its standard equipment. Double spiral rotor uses for less energy, together with that less power on the tractor, flail mower works evenly and the load on bearings and on other components is reduced.
ModelKW/HPKW/HPworking/total widthworking/total widthRPMRPMY-BladeY-BladeHammerHammerWeightWeightcmcm
23040-80/55-110 228/251540 (*1000)78268066
25048-80/65-110244/2671000 (*540)84288476
28055-80/75-110277/3001000 (*540)96329176

Standard equipment

  • Double spiral rotor with 45% distribution of working blades
  • Gearbox 1000 (*540) rpm with overrunning clutch
  • Automatic belt tension with ventilator blade
  • Combi front and rear mounting
  • 3-point linkage I and II cat.
  • Hydraulic offset
  • Skids
  • Metal flaps
  • Adjustable rear roller with closed double bearing system
  • Floating
  • Hammers

Optional equipment

  • Y- blades
  • Counter blades (replaceable)
  • Height adjusted wheels instead of rear roller
  • Gearbox with double crown and free wheel for any direction of rotation
  • Chain guard on the front
  • P. T. O. Shaft
  • Double skin from HARDOX
  • INO Vibration control