Fertiliser spreader FERTI-2

Fertiliser spreader FERTI-2 with two spreading discs is used for spreading of all kinds of mineral fertilisers. Holding frame is very rigid. Bottom of the hopper, spreading discs and vanes are from stainless material. Uniform distribution of fertiliser is assured by two spreading discs with two adjustable vanes. Overturning hopper allows simple and complete cleaning after use. Trailer as an additional equipment is suitable for use on tractors with less power, while spreading limitator is necessary for the edge spreading.
DLG FOCUS TEST: https://pruefberichte.dlg.org/filestorage/pbdocs/5852F.pdf


1.) SIMPLY on/off electro regulation - STANDARD EQUIPMENT

The electrically-actuated SIMPLY on/off electro regulation ensures an exceptionally simple and comfortable control of the FERTI-2.

With the aid of the SIMPLY on/off electro regulation, both the left hand or right shutter can be opened / closed individually by key pressure independently of one another.

The activation of limiter is done via the specific Limiter button. (spreading limiter with electric actuator is OPTIONL equipment)

As no hydraulic connections are necessary, the SIMPLY on/off electro regulation can be mounted and dismounted more quickly.

So, before commencing operation with the spreader, it is just a 3-pin power supply cable and PTO shaft that have to be first coupled to the tractor.

- The spreader doesn’t need any hydraulic connections. A PTO shaft and the 3-pin power cable are sufficient.
- The SIMPLY on/off electro regulation is tidy. All important functions can be operated via a thumb on switch.

2.) SMART FLOW electro regulation (smart computer) - OPTION

(INO Smart Assist terminal, computer, actuators, ISO 11786 speed connector, (as option GPS antena with ISO 11786 connector, as option SCALE – weighting system)

An electronic system SMAT FLOW for automatic dosing of mineral fertilizers enables the user to precisely spread fertilizers on the working surface. The computer in the control unit monitors the speed of the tractor and, on the basis of it, regulates the aperture opening, thereby spreading the amount in kg / ha. In order to function properly, the user must enter some other static parameters.

- Spreading amount is regulated depend of tractor speed - it regulates flow to achive that we get uniformity of quantity on the surface (kg/h)
- No hydraulic, only 3-pin power cable and ISO 11786 (speed) socket in tractor (if tractor do not have ISO 11786, you need TO ORDER also »GPS antena«)
- Ready for very easy (3 clicks) adaptation from »SIMPLY« regulation.
- User friendy interface!!!
- Actuators/electromotors are brand LINAC – top on the market.
- As OPTION upgrade with SCALE – weighting system
- ….

ModelVolumen razsipalnikaSpreading widhtWorking widthRPMRPMWeight [kg]Weight [kg]

Standard equipment

  • High quality even distribution DLG test approved.
  • Two spreading stainless discs
  • Spreading stainless vanes
  • Stainless bottom of the hopper
  • Overturning hopper
  • Net (filtering sieve)
  • Hopper level sight glass
  • SIMPLY electronic (On/Off) (or Hydraulic regulation*)
  • Linkage for trailer
  • Automatic chain tensioner
  • Calibration set (bucket + manual electronic scale)

Optional equipment