Universal telescopic frame TELEFLEX

TELEFLEX is an universal telescopic frame purposed for holding a different working equipment (side rotary cutters, , used in vineyards, orchards and on other areas. Its working width is hydraulic telescopic. It can be attached on the front or at the rear side of the tractor, with the assembled equipment, for all types of INO rotary side cutters (BD, BDL, BDR), on the right, on the left or on both sides of the frame.
ModelRow widthworking widthworking width[cm][cm]
TELEFLEX200 cm - 340 cm145 cm - 345 cm1-2
TELEFLEX XL270 cm - 410 cm215 cm - 415 cm1-2

Standard equipment

  • 3-point linkage II cat.
  • Combi; front or rear 3-point linkage
  • Metal support wheels
  • Height adjusted support wheels
  • Combi, front or rear linkage
  • Floating position of both arms

Optional equipment

  • Telescopic hydraulic left and right wing
  • Gearbox 540 rpm with hydromotor (for BD, BDL)
  • Gearbox 1000 rpm with hydromotor (for BD, BDL)
  • Oil cooler (heat exchanger)
  • BD side rotary cutter
  • BDL left side rotary cutter
  • BDR side rotary cutter with oil container
  • Fingerweeder (2 tillage discs + finger disc)
  • Brush harvester
  • PTO shaft